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examples/testGEA/testGEA.cpp File Reference

Tests the GEA optimization on a SfM reconstruction. More...

#include <QVApplication>
#include <QTime>
#include <qvsfm.h>
#include <sfmviewer.h>

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Detailed Description

Tests the GEA optimization on a SfM reconstruction.

This program tests the performance and accuracy of the GEA optimization algorithm on a SfM reconstruction.

The performance of the GEA algorithm will vary largely depending on the selected method to solve the second level system on the Levenberg-Marquardt optimization. Note that to use MKL or CHOLMOD sparse solvers with GEA (which offer good performance by exploiting the sparsity of the problem) QVision must be compiled and configured with MKL, CHOLMOD, and/or ROS libraries compatibility. See 'config.pri' file for more details.


Simply compile, and execute the binary:

        ./testGEA <reconstruction_file_or_path> [iterations] [lambda_gea]

See the documentation of function readSfMReconstruction for more information about the possible SfM reconstruction file formats.

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