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src/qvgpukltflow/qvopticalflow.h File Reference

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#include "v3d_gpubase.h"
#include "v3d_gpuflow.h"
#include "v3d_gpupyramid.h"
#include "v3d_utilities.h"
#include "v3d_image.h"
#include "v3d_timer.h"
#include <QVImage>
#include <QVPyramid>

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void qvInitFlowGPU (TVL1_FlowEstimator *&flowEstimator, int width, int height, int nLevels, int nIterations, int nOuterIterations, double lambda, double tau, double theta)
 Initialize the dense flow estimator.
void qvOpticalFlowGPU (TVL1_FlowEstimator *flowEstimator, QVPyramid *p1, QVPyramid *p2, QVImage< sFloat, 1 > &x, QVImage< sFloat, 1 > &y)
 Compute dense optical flow between two images.

Detailed Description

File from the QVision library.

PARP Research Group. University of Murcia, Spain.

Definition in file qvopticalflow.h.

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