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Obtains the MSER (linear time MSER) from input video frames. More...

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Detailed Description

Obtains the MSER (linear time MSER) from input video frames.

This program obtains MSER regions from input video frames, using the linear time MSER algorithm by Nister and Stewanius ("Linear Time Maximally Stable Extremal Regions", ECCV 2008), as implemented by Eduardo Iniesta Soto ( and adapted for the QVision library.


Once QVision has been correctly installed in your system, compile using the qmake and make tools:

 # qmake; make 

Execute the application with the following line:

 ./ltmser --URL=<source video identifier string> --RealTime=true 

For example:

 ./ltmser --URL=/home/user/video.avi --RealTime=true 

The application shows on an image canvas the MSER features detected at the most recent input frame from the video sequence:


See section QVMPlayerURLFormat for further info about the format and types of source video identifier strings.

Definition in file ltmser.cpp.

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