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int sSBAOptimization (const QList< QVCameraPose > &cameraPoses, const QList< QV3DPointF > &points3D, const QList< QHash< int, QPointF > > &pointsProjections, QList< QVCameraPose > &refinedCameraPoses, QList< QV3DPointF > &refinedPoints3D, int &time_sSBA, const int numIters=1, const double lambda=1e-3, const int useCSparse=SBA_SPARSE_CHOLESKY, const int numFixedCameras=1, double initTolCG=1.0e-8, const int maxItersCG=100)
 Apply sSBA optimization on a SfM reconstruction.

Detailed Description

Functionality related to the ROS development package.

Function Documentation

int sSBAOptimization ( const QList< QVCameraPose > &  cameraPoses,
const QList< QV3DPointF > &  points3D,
const QList< QHash< int, QPointF > > &  pointsProjections,
QList< QVCameraPose > &  refinedCameraPoses,
QList< QV3DPointF > &  refinedPoints3D,
int &  time_sSBA,
const int  numIters = 1,
const double  lambda = 1e-3,
const int  useCSparse = SBA_SPARSE_CHOLESKY,
const int  numFixedCameras = 1,
double  initTolCG = 1.0e-8,
const int  maxItersCG = 100 

Apply sSBA optimization on a SfM reconstruction.

This is a wrapper function for the sparse bundle adjustment functionality provided by the ROS package.

cameras Initial camera poses for the initial reconstruction.
points3D Initial 3D point locations.
pointProjections Projections for points in the reconstruction.
refinedCameras Camera poses after SBA optimization.
refinedPoints3D 3D point coordinates after the optimization.
time_sSBA Time spend on the SBA optimization.
numIters Number of iterations to perform LM.
lambda Inital damping factor for LM.
numFixedPoints Number of fixed 3D points in the reconstruction, to perform local bundle adjustment.
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