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OpenCV interoperability example programs.
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Example applications developed over the QVision. More...


file  cameraCalibrator.cpp

Obtains intrinsic camera matrix and distortion coefficients for a camera.

file  delaunay.cpp

Obtains the Delaunay triangulation for a set of points.

file  kalmanExample.cpp

Performs Kalman filtering over a corrupted sinoidal function.

Detailed Description

Example applications developed over the QVision.

These are some applications developed over the QVision which use OpenCV functionality. To use them the OpenCV must be correctly installed in the system, and the QVision must be compiled with the OpenCV compatibility option enabled. See section DownloadAndInstall for further details about how to do this, and section Interoperability with OpenCV for more details about QVision functionality for the OpenCV.

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