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examples/designer/designer.cpp File Reference

Example usage for the Designer User Interface. More...

#include <QVDesignerGUI>
#include <QVApplication>
#include <QVCannyEdgeDetector>
#include <QVVideoReaderBlock>
#include <QVImageCanvas>
#include <QVProcessingBlock>
#include <qvip.h>
#include <qvmath.h>
#include <QV2DMap>

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Detailed Description

Example usage for the Designer User Interface.

The Designer User Interface allows the user to dynamically modify the block and linking structure of a QVision application, adding new processing nodes to its structure, deleting them, or creating new data connections between them.


Once QVision has been correctly installed in your system, compile using the qmake and make tools:

 # qmake; make 

Execute the application with the following line:


For example:

See section QVDesignerGUI for further info about the Designer Interface.

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