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QVPolyline Class Reference
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Polyline representation. More...

#include <QVPolyline>

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Polyline representation.

A polyline is a continuous line composed of one or more straight line segments. A QVPolyline is a implementation of a polyline, specified by a list of the points located at the intersection of the segments. Thus, any QVPolyline object inherits from the class QList<QPoint>.

When a polyline is closed, then it is considered to be a polygon. In that case it is supposed to have an implicit final straight line segment, that links the first and the last point in the polyline. The property QVPolyline::closed will store the value TRUE if the polyline is a polygon, else storing FALSE.

A QVPolyline has the property QVPolyline::direction, that will indicate if it is a direct polyline, or a reverse polyline. It has only meaning for some algorithms, like getConnectedSetBorderContoursThreshold.

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