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QVJacobian Class Reference
[Numerical analisis and function minimization]

Class to create jacobian functions. More...

#include <QVJacobian>

Inherits QVFunction< QVVector, QVMatrix >.

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Public Member Functions

 QVJacobian (QVFunction< QVVector, QVVector > &function)
 Jacobian function constructor.

Detailed Description

Class to create jacobian functions.

This class can be used to create Jacobian function class types. Objects derived from this class are function objects, that map vector to matrix objects.

The Jacobian function objects must be initialized with a $ R^n \to R^m $ function, which must be provided in a QVFunction object. The Jacobian object function will use the method qvEstimateJacobian to obtain a numerical approximation of the Jacobian matrix for that vector function.

An example usage of these objects is the following:

class ExampleVectorFunction: public QVFunction<QVVector, QVVector>
                QVVector evaluate(const QVVector &v) const


int main()
        ExampleVectorFunction f;
        QVJacobian eJacobian(f);

        QVVector x = QVVector::random(10);
        std::cout << "x = " << x << std::endl;
        std::cout << "f(x) = " << f(x) << std::endl;
        std::cout << "Jacobian of f(x) = " << eJacobian(x) << std::endl;

Definition at line 69 of file qvjacobian.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QVJacobian::QVJacobian ( QVFunction< QVVector, QVVector > &  function  )  [inline]

Jacobian function constructor.

Creates a new Jacobian function, from a vector function.

function The vector function.

Definition at line 86 of file qvjacobian.h.

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