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QVCPUPlot Class Reference
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Class for plot graphs of block's cpustat properties. More...

#include <QVCPUPlot>

Detailed Description

Class for plot graphs of block's cpustat properties.

This class lets us plot graphs for QVStat block's output properties. Each QVProcessingBlock object is created with a property containing a stat object, resuming its time consumption and internal statistics. The class QVCPUPlot can be used to plot those time statistics.

The following code features how to create a CPU plot object in a QVision application:

void main()
        ComponentTreeBlock componentTreeBlock("Component Tree");
        CannyBlock cannyBlock("Canny operator");
        ContourPainter contourPainter("Contour painter");
        QVCPUPlot cpuPlot("CPU Plot", true, 10);
        componentTreeBlock.linkProperty("cpu stats", cpuPlot);
        cannyBlock.linkProperty("cpu stats", cpuPlot);
        contourPainter.linkProperty("cpu stats", cpuPlot);

This application will display a plot like the following:


By default, the QVDefaultGUI includes the following button for CPU plot statistics displaying, which opens a QVNumericPlot widget plotting the block CPU usage:

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