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src/qvip/qvmser.h File Reference

File from the QVision library. More...

#include <qvdefines.h>
#include <QVPolyline>
#include <QVComponentTree>

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class  QVMSER
 Maximally stable extremal region datatype. More...


void getMSERContours (const QVImage< uChar, 1 > &image, const QList< QVMSER > &MSERList, QList< QVPolyline > &polylineMSERList)
 Obtains border contours for an MSER list, obtained with the function getMSER.
void getMSER (const QVImage< uChar, 1 > &image, QList< QVMSER > &MSERList, const int delta, const int minArea, const int maxArea, const double diffAreaThreshold)
 This algorithm obtains MSER's - from an image.This is an implementation of the MSER algorithm (see [Matas]. It does clustering of the MSER found in each node, keeping just the one with lowest q value. Also, small or large MSER are cleaned up using minimal and maximal areas permitted.

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File from the QVision library.

PARP Research Group. University of Murcia, Spain.

Definition in file qvmser.h.

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