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src/qvmath/qvmath.cpp File Reference

File from the QVision library. More...

#include <iostream>
#include <qvmath.h>
#include <qvmath/qvrationalnumber.h>

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int qvFactorial (const int n)
double qvCombination (const int setRange, const int subsetRange)
 Obtains the number of combinations of a fixed size over the elements of a set.
double qvAngle (const QPointF &point1, const QPointF &point2)
 Returns the angle between two 2D vectors.
QVector< QVComplexqvSolveCubicPolynomial (const double coeff0, const double coeff1, const double coeff2, const double coeff3)
 Obtains the three complex (or real) solutions for a third grade polynomial.
double qvPointLineDistance (const QVVector &l, const QPointF &p)
 Obtains the geometric distance between a point and a line in the 2D plane.
double qvSymmetricFloor (const double value)
 Returns the natural number closest to a given real value.

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File from the QVision library.

PARP Research Group. University of Murcia, Spain.

Definition in file qvmath.cpp.

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int qvFactorial ( const int  n  ) 

Definition at line 34 of file qvmath.cpp.

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