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Deprecated List

Member computeProjectiveHomography (const QList< QPointFMatching > &matchings)

This version of computeProjectiveHomography is deprecated. Use computeProjectiveHomography(const QList<QPointFMatching>&,QVMatrix&) instead

Member cvFindFundamentalMat (const QList< QPointFMatching > &matchings)

Use computeFundamentalMatrix to estimate the fundamental matrix using the 8 point algorithm, or call directly to the OpenCV cvFindFundamentalMat function.

Member linear3DPointTriangulation (const QPointF &point1, const QVMatrix &P1, const QPointF &point2, const QVMatrix &P2, const TQVSVD_Method method=DEFAULT_TQVSVD_METHOD)
use linear3DPointTriangulation(const QPointFMatching &, const QVMatrix &, const QVMatrix &, const TQVSVD_Method) instead.

Member QVDirectedGraph::maxNodesIndex () const
for getMaxNodeIndex

Member QVDirectedGraph::numLinksForNode () const
for numLinksPerNode

Member QVImageCanvas::setLowHigh (float low, float high)
use QVImageCanvas::setSaturationRange(const float,const float) instead.

Member QVVector::scalarMultiplication (const double value) const
use scalarProduct instead.

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