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QVQuaternion Member List

This is the complete list of members for QVQuaternion, including all inherited members.
abs() const QVVector
add(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
conjugate() const QVQuaternion
containsNaN() const QVVector
crossProduct(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
crossProductMatrix() const QVVector
dotProduct(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
entropy(const double base=2) const QVVector
equals(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
gaussianVector(const int radius, const double sigma)QVVector [static]
homogeneousCoordinates(const QPointF &point)QVVector [static]
homogeneousCoordinates() const QVVector
i()QVQuaternion [inline]
i() const QVQuaternion [inline]
inverse() const QVQuaternion
j()QVQuaternion [inline]
j() const QVQuaternion [inline]
k()QVQuaternion [inline]
k() const QVQuaternion [inline]
max() const QVVector
maxAbsIndex() const QVVector
maxIndex() const QVVector
mean() const QVVector
median() const QVVector
mexicanHatWaveletVector(const int radius, const double sigma)QVVector [static]
min() const QVVector
minAbsIndex() const QVVector
minIndex() const QVVector
norm2() const QVQuaternion
normalize() const QVVector
normalizeQuaternion() const QVQuaternion
operator gsl_vector *() const QVVector [inline]
operator QPointF() const QVVector [inline]
operator()(const int index)QVVector [inline]
operator()(const int index) const QVVector [inline]
operator*(const QVQuaternion &quaternion) const QVQuaternion [inline]
QVVector::operator*(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector [inline]
QVVector::operator*(const double value) const QVVector [inline]
QVVector::operator*(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVVector
operator+(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector [inline]
operator+(const double value) const QVVector [inline]
operator+=(const QVVector &vector)QVVector [inline]
operator-(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector [inline]
operator-() const QVVector [inline]
operator-(const double value) const QVVector [inline]
operator/(const double value) const QVVector [inline]
operator==(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector [inline]
operator^(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector [inline]
outerProduct(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
quaternionProduct(const QVQuaternion &quaternion) const QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const QVVector direction, const double phi)QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const QVVector &source)QVQuaternion [inline]
QVQuaternion(const QVVector direction, float phi)QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const double i, const double j, const double k, const double r)QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const double xAngle, const double yAngle, const double zAngle)QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVQuaternion
QVQuaternion(const QVQuaternion &quaternion)QVQuaternion [inline]
QVVector()QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const int size, const double defaultValue=0)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const int size, const double *defaultValues)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QVVector &vector)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QVector< double > &vector)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QList< double > &list)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVVector
QVVector(const gsl_vector *vector)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QPoint &point)QVVector [inline]
QVVector(const QPointF &point)QVVector [inline]
random(const int elements)QVVector [static]
real()QVQuaternion [inline]
real() const QVQuaternion [inline]
rotate(const QV3DPointF &v) const QVQuaternion
scalarAdd(const double value) const QVVector
scalarDivision(const double value) const QVVector
scalarMultiplication(const double value) const QVVector
scalarProduct(const double value) const QVVector
scalarSubstract(const double value) const QVVector
set(const double value)QVVector
substract(const QVVector &vector) const QVVector
subVector(const int firstIndex, const int lastIndex) const QVVector
sum() const QVVector
toColumnMatrix() const QVVector
toEulerAngles(double &xAngle, double &yAngle, double &zAngle) const QVQuaternion
toRotationMatrix() const QVQuaternion
toRowMatrix() const QVVector
trackball(float p1x, float p1y, float p2x, float p2y)QVQuaternion [static]
variance() const QVVector

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