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QVMatrix Member List

This is the complete list of members for QVMatrix, including all inherited members.
addition(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
cameraCalibrationMatrix(const double f, const double r=1.0, const double cx=0.0, const double cy=0.0, const double s=0.0)QVMatrix [static]
containsInf() const QVMatrix
containsNaN() const QVMatrix
det() const QVMatrix
diagonal() const QVMatrix
diagonal(const QVVector &diagonalVector)QVMatrix [static]
Diagonal enum valueQVMatrix
dotProduct(const QVMatrix &matrix, const bool transposeFirstOperand=false, const bool transposeSecondOperand=false) const QVMatrix
dotProduct(const QVVector &vector, const bool transposeMatrix=false) const QVMatrix
elementProduct(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
equals(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
General enum valueQVMatrix
getCol(const int col) const QVMatrix
getCols() const QVMatrix [inline]
getCols(const int firstCol, const int lastCol) const QVMatrix [inline]
getDataSize() const QVMatrix [inline]
getReadData() const QVMatrix [inline]
getRow(const int row) const QVMatrix
getRows() const QVMatrix [inline]
getRows(const int firstRow, const int lastRow) const QVMatrix [inline]
getSubmatrix(const int firstRow, const int lastRow, const int firstCol, const int lastCol) const QVMatrix
getType() const QVMatrix [inline]
getWriteData()QVMatrix [inline]
horizontalAppend(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
identity(const int size)QVMatrix [static]
inlineAddition(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVMatrix
inverse() const QVMatrix
isDiagonal() const QVMatrix
LowerTriangular enum valueQVMatrix
matrixDivide(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
MatrixType enum nameQVMatrix
meanCol() const QVMatrix
multiply(const QList< QVMatrix > &matrices)QVMatrix [inline, static]
norm2() const QVMatrix
operator CvMat *() const QVMatrix [inline]
operator gsl_matrix *() const QVMatrix
operator QList< QVector< double > >() const QVMatrix [inline]
operator QList< QVVector >() const QVMatrix [inline]
operator!=(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator&(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator&(const QVVector &vector) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator()(const int row, const int col)QVMatrix [inline]
operator()(const int row, const int col) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator*(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator*(const double value) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator*(const QVVector &vector) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator+(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator+(const double value) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator+=(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVMatrix [inline]
operator-(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator-() const QVMatrix [inline]
operator-(const double value) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator/(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator/(const double value) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator=(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVMatrix
operator==(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator|(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix [inline]
operator|(const QVVector &vector) const QVMatrix [inline]
PermutationMatrix enum valueQVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QVMatrix &matrix)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const int rows, const int cols, const double *data=NULL)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const int rows, const int cols, const QVVector &data)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const int rows, const int cols, const double value)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QVQuaternion &quaternion)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const gsl_matrix *matrix)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const CvMat *cvMatrix)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QVVector &vector, const bool rowVector=true)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QList< QVVector > &vectorList)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QList< QVector< double > > &vectorList)QVMatrix
QVMatrix(const QList< QPointF > &pointList)QVMatrix
random(const int rows, const int cols)QVMatrix [static]
reshape(const int newRows, const int newCols) const QVMatrix [inline]
reversedCols() const QVMatrix
reversedRows() const QVMatrix
rotationMatrix(const double angle)QVMatrix [static]
rotationMatrix(const QPointF center, const double angle)QVMatrix [static]
rotationMatrix3dXAxis(const double angle)QVMatrix [static]
rotationMatrix3dYAxis(const double angle)QVMatrix [static]
rotationMatrix3dZAxis(const double angle)QVMatrix [static]
rowHomogeneousNormalize() const QVMatrix
scalarAdd(const double value) const QVMatrix
scalarDivide(const double value) const QVMatrix
scalarProduct(const double value) const QVMatrix
scalarSubstract(const double value) const QVMatrix
scaleMatrix(const double zoom)QVMatrix [static]
set(const double value)QVMatrix
setCol(const int col, QVVector vector)QVMatrix
setRow(const int row, QVVector vector)QVMatrix
setRow(const int row, QVector< double > vector)QVMatrix
setSubmatrix(const int row, const int col, const QVMatrix &M)QVMatrix
setType(MatrixType type)QVMatrix [inline]
substract(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
Symmetric enum valueQVMatrix
toCvMat(const int cvMatType=CV_64F) const QVMatrix
trace() const QVMatrix
translationMatrix(const double x, const double y)QVMatrix [static]
translationMatrix3d(const double x, const double y, const double z)QVMatrix [static]
transpose() const QVMatrix
triangularSolve(const QVVector &b, QVVector &x, bool transposed=false, bool unit_diagonal=false) const QVMatrix
triangularSolve(const QVMatrix &B, QVMatrix &X, bool transposed=false, bool unit_diagonal=false, bool left=true) const QVMatrix
UpperTriangular enum valueQVMatrix
verticalAppend(const QVMatrix &matrix) const QVMatrix
zeros(const int rows, const int cols)QVMatrix [static]

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